NGC™ 10 Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

The family of NGC Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems fit your throughput requirements when purifying biomolecules for analytical- and preparative-scale applications. Each system is composed of interchangeable modules that confer different system capabilities.

Features and Benefits of the NGC 10 ml Chromatography Systems

·         Flexible, customizable chromatography systems to suit both your application and workflow needs:

·         The guided fluidics selection tool (patent pending), coupled with the module discovery system, enables a single-click application-based system setup through automated module function recognition

·         The Tier Rotate™ Feature allows optimal placement of valves and detectors to minimize the flow path

·         Compact footprint — fits in a refrigerator, lab bench, or coldroom

·         Point-to-Plumb™ Feature shows the step-by-step plumbing of the system using LEDs

·         ChromLab™ Software provides powerful system control, automated methods, and analysis options

·         Multi-D setup automates multistep purifications and completes complex separation protocols without user involvement

Applications and Uses of Medium-Pressure Chromatography Systems

·         Preparative chromatography

·         Protein purification and isolation