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Precision System Science

Since our initial public offering in 2001, PSS started development of automated devices for immunoassays and DNA extraction using magnetic beads. Today, we have developed a wide range of comprehensive instrumentation including: DNA amplification, fluorescence and chemiluminescence measurements, custom reagents, analytical software; succeeding in constructing our own Bio System concept.

The Bio System concept of PSS is very simple and accurate, because we produce affordable, extremely versatile and compact products. Our products are commercially available and used in the clinical laboratory for diagnosis of molecular disorders, infectious diseases, etc. PSS continues rapid development and commercialization of products in various fields such as infectious disease, oncology, genetics, human identification, animals and plants.

To that end, Bio System Network makes worldwide technical alliances possible. It is a great pleasure for us to collaborate and contribute for the worlds benefit. I look forward to meeting people who share our Bio System concept.

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